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Three Common Spoofs: Sales Tricks to Avoid When Shopping for a Used Car

1. “The Coverup” Paper plates, blurry thumbs, rags, smiley faces... Some sellers, particularly on craigslist®, use all sorts of things to obscure the license plate on a car posted for sale. But why? Why cover up the license plate when you’re selling a car? It’s to prevent you from running a Carfax®. You’re likely looking at a car with title issues: salvage, flooding, fire, lemon etc. Is it really cheap? Now you know why. The seller is hoping you won’t ask for a VIN. Get ready for a good story if you do! 2. “The bait and switch” Eager to go see a car for sale by a dealer at a great price? Be sure you’re not looking at a...


A Service Provider in a Sea of Middlemen

The problem with buying from a middleman Here are some of the ways our customers have described conventional dealers: “Hungry dealers." “They seemed kind of shady." “I don’t want to go back to the middleman." “They just want to take your money.” We don’t blame dealership personnel for that reputation. We think it has more to do with the position they occupy in the marketplace; that of a middleman. That’s why we’re set up in a different way. We’re a service provider and here’s why we think that’s such an important differentiator. What is real customer service? Our definition of customer service is this: “putting your customer’s needs before your own.” We think real customer service is very hard to...