About us

About us

We're delivering a whole new way to buy a car

Engineering a better way

Our thinking is this; car shoppers just want to buy a car. They don’t want to have to pay for the whole showroom experience along with it. We’ve brought the shopping and selection online and taken the negotiation and the salespeople out of the picture. We only work with great cars and we’re upfront about wear and tear.

Putting customers first

The more we learn about how misguided the car industry status quo is, the more excited we are to be creating a new alternative. When people in our community tell us they’re happy with Skip's, that makes us want to work even harder. Everyday we pull up to work ready to rethink and to reinvent.

Who we are


Max von Stein
sales experience: 0
car guy: for life

Skip's was founded by Max von Stein, an engineer and a car nut who wasn’t happy buying a car the old way.  Max holds a Mechanical Engineering degree from The Cooper Union.

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