A Service Provider in a Sea of Middlemen

Written by Max von Stein

A Service Provider in a Sea of Middlemen

The problem with buying from a middleman

Here are some of the ways our customers have described conventional dealers:

  • “Hungry dealers."
  • “They seemed kind of shady."
  • “I don’t want to go back to the middleman."
  • “They just want to take your money.”

We don’t blame dealership personnel for that reputation. We think it has more to do with the position they occupy in the marketplace; that of a middleman. That’s why we’re set up in a different way. We’re a service provider and here’s why we think that’s such an important differentiator.

What is real customer service?

Our definition of customer service is this: “putting your customer’s needs before your own.” We think real customer service is very hard to find, no matter what industry you’re looking at. Skip’s is fundamentally a service provider; we’re offering a direct car buying service. It’s that unique position that allows us to deliver on the promise of real customer service. That means:

  • We don’t have any cars in inventory that we have to push. So our team isn’t pressured to sell what’s on a lot; we’re more interested in finding you exactly what you’re looking for.

  • When we’re performing our quality inspection, we’re looking at a car we don’t own. We’re in a great position to make an unbiased assessment.

  • Getting a car delivered in time for the big road trip, perfecting every last detail before delivery. Determining what the customer wants and figuring out how to meet that requirement.

Because we’re offering a service, we’re dead set on getting these elements right.

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