All about delivery day

All about delivery day

What to expect

1. Test drive.

Let's go for a spin. Take a test drive in-town, out on the highway and any place else.

2. Features and details.

We'll highlight significant features and talk through some of the steps we took to get your car ready.

3. Purchase.

Is it a keeper? We'll have a little bit of paperwork to complete and then you're ready for the road!

Delivery day checklist

We'll need to snap a photo of your driver license.

We'll need an insurance card for the car in order to register it. Be sure that your name appears exactly as it does on your driver license.

Email it to us at, fax it to (914) 407 5880 or provide a copy.

We accept financing, bank check, personal check or cash.

If you're trading in a car please have the title handy.