Is Skip's a dealer?

We are licensed as such, but that’s where the similarities end. We don’t operate a showroom, we don’t have salespeople on commission. We don’t haggle. We don’t sell lemons. We are an online direct car buying startup and we can’t help you if you want to spend all afternoon in a cubicle negotiating a car deal.

Why are Skip's cars less expensive than the ones at dealership lots?

We don’t have the overhead that comes with fancy showrooms and a layered sales force. Between brick and mortar overhead, aggressive markups, and sales commissions, the showroom experience can add about $2,000 to the price of a car. Our internet-focused business model means less waste and more value. With Skip’s you’re getting the car without all the extra costs that come with shopping at a dealership.

Tell me about your preconditioning and service process.

We don't handle cars that have major issues - engine or transmission trouble, significant dents or damage, etc. But most used cars need one thing or another. Our preconditioning and service includes all the little functional, cosmetic, and maintenance items you might normally ask your mechanic or service shop to check on. Here are some of the items we take care of if we find they're needed:

- brake fluid flush
- replacing shocks
- oil and filter change
- cabin air filter
- engine air filter
- replacing missing interior or exterior trim
- minor paint correction
- removing dings
- replacing tires

Our promise is that we'll deliver a car that's absolutely problem-free. It's still a used car and may have a little wear and tear here and there, but mechanically and functionally we'll make sure it's 100%.

Where are the cars?

The cars are at a wholesale holding facility in New Jersey.

Where do you get your cars?

The majority of our cars are sourced from corporate fleets. Most are under two years old and still include the factory manufacturer warranties. We may also offer trade-ins that meet our standards.

How do I know I'm getting a good car?

We've paired down the available selection to include only cars in great condition. Then each one undergoes our quality inspection process and our preconditioning regimen. Every Skip's Car is backed by our Pitcrew Warranty.


Buying a car

Am I buying the car online?

No, you’re buying the car in person. We’re not expecting you to purchase sight-unseen. Take all the time you need on delivery day to inspect and test drive.


Am I obligated to purchase on delivery?

Not at all. We expect you to be sure of what model you're looking for, but there's not commitment to make a purchase.

Can I finance?

Of course! We make financing quick and easy - you can apply right on our website. We're also happy to work with your bank or credit union.

Are there any additional fees?

None. We don't add any doc fees or prep fees of any kind.

You can calculate the sales tax for each car too, just look for "Get your total price."

Can I trade in my old car?

We're happy to take trade-ins. We can even provide a trade-in value ahead of time. Send us a handful of exterior photos and a few of the interior (one of the odometer). Text photos to (347) 754 7794 or email them to hi@driveskips.com. We’ll pick up your trade when we deliver your new car.

When should I expect my car?

Expect your car to be ready for delivery about four days after you place the deposit. We'll use this time to complete the servicing and preconditioning process.

What if I'm outside your delivery area?

We can still make a delivery, but we’ll need to ask you for a little gas money! The surcharge is $2 for each mile beyond our usual delivery area. You also have the option of taking delivery at your workplace. Or you are welcome to pick up your car at our office in West Nyack if you’d prefer.

Skip's Flex

How does this work?

Skip's Flex works like a month-to-month lease. You pay a simple monthly payment for the use of a car. You can keep it for as long as you want or close the lease at any time. The car is registered to you, we're the owner.


What does the First Month Payment cover?

The First Month Payment covers all initiation costs plus your first month of use in the car. We don't collect a monthly payment until month two.

What do you need in order to start the process?

Send us a photo of your driver license. Click Get Started or text a photo to (347) 754 7794 or email one to hi@driveskips.com.

Next we'll set up a payment method, either ACH transfer or credit or debit card. We'll do this over the phone, we'll either collect your bank account details or your credit or debit card details. We don't charge you until we deliver your car.

What about insurance?

You're resposible for carrying an insurance policy for the car. We'll need an insurance binder before we can register the car.


Are there any limits on how I can use the car?

The cars are for on-road use only, no racing or off-roading. You cannot take the car out of the country without our permission.

Can I pause my subscription?

We do not have any way for you to pause your subscription unfortunately.

What happens when I'm done with the car?

Bring the car back to our West Nyack office whenever you're finished. Your last monthly payment will be prorated, we don't charge you for time you're not using the car. We'll assess excess wear and tear charges if you return the car with significant damage.

Not close-by? We may be able to arrange an alternative drop-off location.